An engaging, hands-on summer day camp in Oakland, California for curious and creative kids ages 6*-13.

CAMP 510 exists to cultivate a community of makers who have the creative agency and confidence to help shape a better world. Here, your child explores the innovative and magical in studio art, tinkering, public art, food and cooking, movement, building, soldering and welding, sewing, crafts, music, and more. Unique projects are carefully chosen for each week of CAMP and are scaled to be developmentally appropriate for each age group of CAMPers. Equipped with the right tools in a participatory community environment, these projects are led by professional artists, makers, performers, gardeners, teachers, and chefs in the spirit of D-I-T (do it together). CAMP 510 is located on the Park Day School campus in Temescal, Oakland. (*Campers must be 6 years old by or before their first day at CAMP)


To XP, or Not to XP?

This is the million dollar question! XP options are week-long, inventive and process-oriented projects for older campers. In an XP CAMP, we focus on one project all day, all week. This format allows young makers to delve deeper into material they are interested in, and encourages them to reach towards mastery. CAMPers may choose to enroll in the XP, or the multiple project program for the week.

The multiple project program offers three projects each week and is for CAMPers ages 6-11. In this program, CAMPers rotate in small groups to each of the three projects every day, all five days of the CAMP week. This too is a structured environment that offers developmentally appropriate challenges and levels of materials usage for young makers and artists, and is well-suited to the needs of these ages. Each project of the day is hyphenated with a recess with time for snack or lunch and free play.

Still unsure if XP is right for your child? Consider their age. XPs are generally for 11-13 year olds. A few are available for mature 9 and or 10 year olds, as well. Age check aside, is your child interested in something enough to focus on it all week long, and would also like to deepen their mastery level (or stick with it to satisfy their curiosity)? If yes to all of this, then XP is likely a good fit!


The days are getting shorter, winter holidays are fast upon us and that means…

Summer 2015 is just around the corner!

The CAMP 510 pixies are presently in their magic workshop curating an amazing array of projects for youth ages 6-14. Check back soon for more details. Better yet (to the right on this page), sign up for our newsletter and we will deliver the details to your inbox.



Find Us

CAMP 510 is located on the grounds of Park Day School in Temescal, Oakland.
Mailing Address: PO Box 22836 Oakland, CA 94609-2836

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Extended Day Rates

• $100/week for both AM/PM
• $30/week for extended morning
• $80/week for extended afternoon
• $10/day Drop-in extended morning
• $30/day Drop-in extended afternoon

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Financial Aid

CAMP 510 offers a limited amount of financial aid both in the form of work-trade and also on a first-come, first-served, need-proven basis. We are no longer accepting applications or inquiries for Summer 2014. Please visit us next January.

“Tell me and I forget; Show me and I remember; Involve me and I understand” Chinese Proverb  

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